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Water Hauling Solutions

We are your one-stop shop for water hauling and disposal needs.


Free initial post-audit of water hauling invoices to determine Client's position in relation to market including cost, production reports and savings reports.

Rates Negotiations

We research and develop the best carriers, and negotiate to attain the best price of water hauling and disposal for our Clients. In the process, we seek the most advantageous method of billing to fit our Clients' operations (mileage/barrel/hourly).

Pre-payment Audit

Pre-payment audit ensures accurate billing prior to presentation for payment thus eliminating post-payment refund disputes for amounts overpaid to service providers.

Invoice Processing

We enter, audit, scan/image, transfer electronically, store physically and/or electronically all invoices received, and disburse payments to service providers.

Customized Reports

Take advantage of our water hauling reports to view historical data and activity, forecasting trends, and help your decision-making.