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Upstream Transportation Logistics

Single Point of Contact

Our experts monitor hauls from start to finish. They interface with the Client, suppliers and vendors, and carriers/haulers as needed to ensure that property is transported safely and in a timely manner.


Our transportation logistics experts are available around the clock to meet all your urgent transportation needs.

3PLn (Third Party Logistics to the nth degree)

We are the most advanced Third Party Logistics (3PL) Transportation Management System (TMS). Why limit your company's access to the fleet of one or two carriers? As a non-carrier motor vehicle Freight-Forwarder we have access to multiple fleets of insured haulers and their various types of equipment operating nationwide.

Specialized Handling

We have experience managing the transport of almost anything related to the upstream oilfield sector: tubular goods, oilfield equipment, hazardous materials, oversize/permitted loads, drilling rigs, etc.


We are a 3PL Freight-Forwarder, not a Property Broker. Acting as an agent for the Client, our sole focus is to get the best rates and equipment for our Client's needs.


Our Contracts specifically define insurance and safety requirements (FMCSA) for all service providers. IEX carries its own insurance in addition to that required of the carriers.

Claims Handling

We process all claims to our clients' satisfaction.